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Youth Cultural Exchange Program Au Pair in Sweden

Information about Swedish Au Pair program is published on the internet page of the Swedish Migration Board (Migrationsverket). Au Pairs are young people living with a Swedish family and receiving payment for light household duties and taking care of children. The aim of the visit is to acquire international experience and to have the opportunity to learn Swedish and become acquainted with Swedish culture. A previous period spent as an Au pair in another country immediately prior to the planned stay in Sweden could reduce the chances of you being granted an Au Pair permit in Sweden. The reason is that this could be an indication that it is a question of regular work as a nanny or a similar position and not as an Au Pair. Girls or boys have possible to be an Au Pair in Sweden for a period of 12 months maximum. It cannot be renewed.

Requirements for becoming an Au Pair

Au Pair duties and responsibilities

You receive the payment for the light domestic work and caring for children, but you are not a full-time housekeeper or nurse. If you work for full time, you cannot reckon with Au Pair, but you are an employed person. You must work like an Au Pair only in your host family and you may not take another job in another place.

Au Pair support from the Host Family

Other conditions and terms

Rules of entrance and stay in Sweden


Au Pair work in Sweden is subject to taxation. The Au Pair is the one who is responsible for paying her/his taxes. The Au Pair has to be registered with Swedish Tax Office (Skatteverket) after arrival to Sweden in purpose to get her/his personal number and Health Insurance card. The host family shall ensure that the Au Pair is registered with Skatterverket. An Au Pair may also need to contact the Social Insurance Office the tax percentage is estimated by the Au Pairs' monthly salary and the value of food and lodge the Au Pair receives. If you are leaving Sweden you should notify the Tax Office at least one week before departure. An Au Pair can do this by filling out the following form.

Official information:

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